Artists - Hello! You are all very welcome to get involved

At ArtPlatform we are passionate about everyone experiencing original art ownership, to grow this idea we need to make the possibility of owning original art very accessible and affordable. We believe everyone can find £20, especially with the knowledge that 75% of those proceeds are going to support charities and charitable aims.

Submissions are welcome from everyone, including 3D - oil paintings / sketches / pastel studies / etchings / screen prints / watercolours / glass / photography / carpentry / scuplture / jewellery / sound art / ceramics / glass / mosaic / millinery and  printmaking

If you would like to participate please contact for a participation pack available now!

What is in a participation pack?
- 3 blank cards that we ask you to work directly on (1 or more) or mount your work on. We only accept original work.
- Anonymous flyers to pass on to family and friends
- Letter from the ArtPlatform team explaining the event

Our annual Anonymous event supports 3 charities (75% of the proceeds), these are our nominated charities for 2016:

We will take submissions right up to the event weekend. We will photograph and promote some submissions to help raise awareness of the event.